Egyptian statue recently unearthed is not Ramses II

Egyptian statue recently unearthed is not Ramses IICAIRO – A massive statue recently unearthed in Cairo and thought to depict one of the country’s most famous pharaohs may be of another ancient Egyptian ruler, the country’s antiquities minister said Thursday.

Khaled el-Anani said the colossus discovered last week in a Cairo suburb by an Egyptian-German team almost certainly depicts Psamtek I, a little known pharaoh from the 26th dynasty who ruled Egypt between 664 and 610 B.C.

“We are not going to be categorical, but there is a...

Ancient Greeks coined “barbarian” term to describe foreign cultures

Ancient Greeks coined “barbarian” term to describe foreign culturesThe term “barbarian” is nowadays commonly used to describe people who are uncivilized, primitive or violent. It is also often used to refer to those who break the law or stand by obsolete and unconventional ideals.

The term was used by various civilizations throughout history: Ancient Greeks and Romans used it to describe foreign nations which they thought were less developed and less civilized. During the early modern period, the term spread across the world and became a common...

Learning Ancient Greek as a Spoken Language

Learning Ancient Greek as a Spoken LanguageOne of the most impressive items that I saw at SBL this year, and purchased there, is their Speak Koine Greek: A Conversational Phrasebook. It is exactly what it sounds like – a phrase book for ancient Koine that resembles the format and contents that you would expect if you’ve ever used any foreign language phrasebook before in your life.

That in itself would be something great. But the best part is that they manage to put together the phrasebook using the kinds of everyday phrases...

DODICIRIGHE intervista a Eugenio Curatola.

Eugenio CuratolaOggi vi voglio parlare di Eugenio Curatola, leva 1987, amministratore e creatore del blog: "Dodicirighe" e autore dell'omonimo libro: "Dodicirighe... di più equivale a straparlare" edito da: Sensoinverso EdizioniHo scoperto "Dodicirighe" una notte scorrendo la bacheca delle news di Facebook, una di quelle scoperte che pensi siano un segno del destino, in dodici righe veniamo spogliati, veniamo catapultati in quella dimensione romantica-poetica che spesso tentiamo di nascondere.

Con lui...
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