Dark Web as a tool for political attacks

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In recent headlines, the dark web has been identified as an avenue through which political attacks are staged. Due to its anonymous and obscure nature, the dark web is a popular hub for cyber criminals and hackers to carry out their illegal trade without the worries of being tracked by law enforcement agencies and related entities.

This largely anonymous network has been at the center of one of the biggest political scandals to rock the United States in recent times.

An unidentified dark web user that goes by the name “Guccifer 2.0” was held responsible for the leakage of sensitive information from the Democratic National Committee, which was later leaked to WikiLeaks and followed by allegations that the Russian government had played a role in the leakage of the crucial information.

The dark web seems to be capitalizing on the recently concluded US elections.

Following Donald Trump’s victory, there has been a move by a section of users to organize a fundraiser to facilitate his assassination alongside Vice President Mike Pence.All this was being organized through anonymous channels.

As the dark web continues to be a growing platform for major political attacks

The dark web itself is becoming more popular as it is regularly appearing in mainstream media and becoming easier for the average computer user to access.

More people are getting interested in this anonymous part of the internet and the number of users is likely to increase in the foreseeable future.

This is proving to be a challenge to law enforcement agencies that are trying to monitor the activities of the users who are now issuing political threats amongst facilitating other crimes.

As the dark web continues to be a growing platform for major political attacks, a number of companies are also emerging with solutions that could somehow mitigate the political threats taking place.

An example of one such company is Sixgill, an Israeli company that deals primarily with cyber-intelligence.

Sixgill is made up of a team of former Israeli intelligence personnel who claim to have the expertise required to reveal and even prevent any data leaks on dark web platforms before they occur.

Sixgill, after detecting the potential data security breaches, will then take initiative by notifying their clients prior to the occurrence of the data leakage.

According to the co-founder of Sixgill, Avi Kasztan, the company has come up with proprietary algorithms and has the expertise required to scan the dark web and identify any patterns on the users’ profiles for suspicious activities.

In this manner, Sixgill claims to have the ability to identify, track, and stop potential hackers.

In the recent US elections, Sixgill purportedly revealed an active online platform of hackers on the dark web referred to as the Ophillary, who claims to have accomplished a successful Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) on Hillary Clinton’s political organization.

This particular forum was aimed at mobilizing all cyber criminals and hackers to find and expose any of Hillary Clinton’s Wall Street speeches by hacking the Presidential candidate’s email database systems.

This would have been a major blow to the political career of the presidential aspirant. It is such political attacks that Sixgill claims to have the ability to contain before they are executed by the anonymous internet criminals.

As communication and information technology develops and becomes more accessible, an increase in the incidences of internet crime is becoming more evident.

More worryingly, the rapid evolution in the nature and sophistication of digital crimes means that more political threats and radicalization are likely to emerge online than before.

Commenters are adamant that more companies like Sixgill are also likely to develop with an aim of curbing cyber security threats before they happen.

However, it is yet to be seen how effective these firms will be in curbing the problems associated with the dark domains of the internet.

With the far-reaching effects of the political attacks staged on anonymous online platforms, it is important that such companies are successful within the confines of their mandate.

Source: https://darkwebnews.com/deep-web/dark-web-tool-political-attacks/


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